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6856 Scenic View Drive
Macungie, Pennsylvania
                     USA     18062
USA & CA:  1-610-410-8141 / GB & EU: 00+1+610-410-8141  
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*Conversion rate 20 June, 2017

USA & CA:  1-610-410-8141 / GB & EU: 00+1+610-410-8141

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 A Home Unlocks All Hearts

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“Like new”, “Move-in ready”, “One of a kind”.  Like you, we have been disappointed by the zealousness of

some in choosing marketing terms for ‘Home For Sale’. ... However, every once in a rare while a truly

unique home becomes available.  It is time for us to move on to other callings.  We are sure our home

will bring you many years of comfort, security, warmth, & pride.  Thank you, Fida & Antonio.

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For UK, EU, USA, & CA buyers: You can purchase the home FULLY-FURNISHED for an additional *33,260 EUR
(*29,308 GBP)

(*37,000 USD).

Conversion rate

as of 20 June, 2017

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